The web is beautiful.

Building a website is not only an engineering work, but also an art!

It needs first to be functional, then it needs to be beautiful.

Get it done right.

If a site does not work, all the fancy features is simply a waste.

More than just works.

You want your web site to do better than just works. When your site is working, you also want to make it enjoyable, so that your users will visit it more often and stay longer. Therefore, you will enjoy more from the traffic to your site.

Make it performant.

Speed is feature, and it is an important feature. Nobody wants to stare a blank page for long. Though patience is a virtual, petience is wearing thin quickly.

Hello, thanks for visiting my web site. I am still working on some web apps. So be sure to check back later.

In the mean time, I am running a web page to test web browsers' performance: I am using that page to collect the browser performance timing information. Unfortunately, there are a few browsers that do not provide enough information, and some browser will simplly fail to render the page.

If you experience any issues, please let me know. I keep a list of browsers that do not work with my site. Thanks.